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  Machinery Import
  and used equipment import

   Do you know that your company may
   import used machinery and still
have tax
   reductions? more

Tax listing - NCM
Your fiscal listing may be weighing your foreign trade operations . Update.

Estratégias no comércio exterior
Minimize your company operational costs, know how to benefit from special customs rules .

International negotiations
Most international trade companies do not know their liabilities in buying and selling internationally. Know INCONTERMS.

Planiex acts in all commercial segments, international trade, administrative support, customs, fiscal, exchange and also transport logistics and payload motion nationally or internationally. Planiex specializes in the commerce of products and services and intermediating business abroad, including "trading company" services. Planiex also offers legal support services and auditing in foreign commerce related matters.

With broad relationship with international trade agents such as banks, transporters, insurance companies, public authorities , associations and certifying organizations, Planiex offers faster solutions and consequently cost reductions.

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